Reedy’s Rigs Paternoster Whiting Rig


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Reedy's Rigs Paternoster Whiting Rig Features:

  • Variety of colours
  • Size 6 mutu circle hooks
  • Best used with a small piece of bait
  • Designed for Australian conditions

More About Whiting Rigs

Paternoster whiting rigs such as Reedy's Rigs Paternoster Whiting Rig are popular setups among anglers targeting whiting, a sought-after species in coastal waters. This rigging technique involves attaching multiple hooks in a descending fashion along the mainline, resembling a dropper-style arrangement. The design allows anglers to present multiple baits at different depths simultaneously, increasing the chances of enticing whiting in various parts of the water column.
These rigs typically feature a swivel at the top to prevent line twists and may incorporate brightly coloured beads or attractors for added visibility. Paternoster whiting rigs are versatile and effective, particularly when baited with small worms, shrimp, or other whiting favourites. Anglers appreciate the adaptability of this rig for both boat and shore fishing, making it a go-to choice for those targeting whiting in diverse coastal environments.

How to Catch Whiting

To successfully capture whiting, employ a light to medium spinning rod coupled with a reel loaded with 6-10 lb monofilament or braided line. Select appropriate fishing locations characterized by sandy substrates and the presence of moving water, commonly found in surf areas.
Carefully consider bait options, favouring live offerings such as bloodworms, shrimp, or sand fleas to attract whiting effectively. Utilize a well-structured fishing rig, either a two-hook configuration or a paternoster setup, allowing for the strategic presentation of bait at various depths.
Exercise patience during the fishing endeavour, as whiting bites are often subtle. Maintain vigilance over the fishing line and promptly respond to any indications of a bite. Optimal times for whiting fishing include the incoming tide or during the crepuscular periods of early morning and late evening.

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More about how to catch whiting



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