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Daiwa Certate

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Magseal, Magseal Line Roller, Zaion, Air Rotor, Digigear, UTD

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The original Certate, introduced in 2004, introduced ground breaking technology with Real Four design, a combination that set standards for all Daiwa spinning reels from that time on. Its unparalleled engineering produced a flawless design that became the flagship for Daiwa. In 2010 we introduced Magseal to Certate, a new technology that took the world by storm and did away with traditional rubber seals and replaced it with magnets and metal infused oil. This set the future for our spinning reels. Now in its third incarnation the 2013 Certate leaps ahead of the competition again with new innovation and unparalleled design. It’s what you’ve come to expect from the world leader in fishing tackle.


Given the popularity of saltwater fishing, sealing a reel is a major goal. No leakage means no corrosion, longer life and better performance. If saltwater penetrates a reel and dries, it crystallizes, and then erodes gears and bearings. In the past waterproof gaskets and “o rings’ prevented water intrusion, but they had the disadvantage of producing friction and thus winding inertia. The Certate’s design revolves around one ground breaking material – Mag Oil (magnetic fluid). Developed by NASA to magnetically deliver fuel to space ships, this technology has been adapted to many of Daiwa’s spinning reels since 2010.

Mag Oil is difficult to produce, mixing a liquid with iron isn’t easy, but Daiwa has mastered it in their spinning reel range. When dispersed evenly through liquid the iron oxide (magnetite) has a diameter of 1/100,000mm, so small that the surface area of the ferromagnetic particle is around 1/10th of a single influenza virus. This new metallic grease/oil takes on a new effect, placed by itself it forms a typical liquid helical shape. With the introduction of a magnetic force it changes shape similar to the android in Terminator II, attaching itself to any other metal to form a seal. So strong is this magnetic liquid that if placed in a container with a magnetic surface it would retain its shape even if the bottom was removed. Being magnetized this lubrication system avoids any friction and prevents dust intrusion, eliminates oil spray and significantly improving reel life expectancy.


Magseal debuted in 2010 Certate cementing itself as the world’s most advanced spinning reel, this technology flowed on into Saltiga, Caldia, Exist and Steez. Just like Exist and Steez the new 2013 Certate features our new innovation, Mag Seal line roller. Line roller bearings are one of the hardest wearing parts in a reel. They are constant working and receive the harshest punishment of any part of a reel. The pressure of the line plus continual water and salt impregnation destroys roller bearings at a rapid rate. Now with Magseal technology this issue is a thing of past.

Air Rotor

Zaion Air Rotor is like no other, it is truly a revolution in sensitivity. The new rotor serves several functions. Firstly the main principle of the rotor is to support the line roller. Under load line is pulled instantaneously from the spool to the line roller creating stress and flexing to a concentrated section of the rotor. The new arch form disperses pressure to the entire lower entire section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing.

Sensitivity is one of the strongest attributes of Zaion Air Rotor. The rotor is made from a high sensitive Zaion that transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than ever before. “Zaion” is simply explained as a high density carbon resin. Zaion is a new material, composed of carbon resin and long carbon fibres. This high density material is light, strong and resists corrosion. Used in many of Daiwa’s reels it far exceeds the strength of magnesium in a strength-per-unit weight comparison, and transmits vibration through the reel more efficiently than ever before, and is lighter and stronger than a conventional reel made with similar resins or graphites. By hollowing out the rotor system, a lighter construction is created with more surface area, resulting in increased strength and greater transmission of vibration. With a decrease in weight the balance has been fine tuned, with a lower centre of gravity and precise centre of axis allowing the rotor to spin with perfect balance.

Drive system

The new Certate features Daiwa’s revolutionary Digigear Drive II system. This highly evolved drive system features a high a precision cutting technique that achieves perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance. The new gears are made from 7075 Aluminium, an ultra strong, corrosion resistant material that is both lighter and stronger than any gear we have developed before. This reduction in weight has allowed the gear to achieve a larger diameter, which in turn increases durability.

The new 2013 Certate incorporates Daiwa’s latest innovations and unparalleled designs, with the combination of Magseal, Magseal Line roller, Zaion Air Rotor and Digigear II making it Daiwa’s most technically advanced reel. You will feel more connected to lures, detect more bites and fight fish with ease….with the 2013 Certate you will experience Technology to Feel.


  • Real Four
  • Mag Sealed
  • Mag Sealed Line roller
  • Machine Cut Digigear II
  • Zaion Air Rotor
  • Silent Oscillation III
  • Super Metal Body
  • Engine Plate
  • ABS II
  • Neo Cross Wrap
  • Twist Buster II
  • Tough Air Bail
  • UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • CRBB system
  • Real Stopper
  • Washable

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