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Saltist Boat

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Features Carbon Fibre Blanks, Fuji Guides, Fuji Reel Seats. For saltwater offshore casting, jigging, trolling, lure fishing

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The Saltist brand has few peers in the saltwater offshore tackle ream. A hallmark of power, strength and reliability when it comes to reels, the famous name is equally a mark of quality when it comes to the Saltist rod range.

Designed to exacting standards and built to withstand and revel in the testing offshore world the Saltist rod series stands out from the pack. From jigging for snapper on the reefs, popping for GTs, or casting rocking headlands the Saltist rod series has it covered.

Beautifully Built

Integrating many of Daiwa most advanced and strength focused technologies the Saltist legend starts with its carbon fibre composite blank, an advanced design and constructed blank that combines strength, power, and sensitivity to deliver unrivalled performance and stunning value.

Light in the hand, powerful under load, and unforgiving in battle the Saltist blank looks as good as it performs, and performs as good as the famous name would suggest.

The Saltist’s performance blank it equally matched by quality, performance driven components, with Fuji Hardloy guides and reel seats delivering strength, refinement, and the quality and reliability that has made Fuji famous.

Ultra tough EVA grips provide ultimate comfort and control in the hand, while a graphite weave butt section delivers maximum power to once again stand the Saltist rod series out from the crown when it comes to performance and power.

Model Behaviour

Gifted in design, generous in power, and rich in value the Saltist series is loaded with options with 15 models available in the range.

From the short, yet powerful ST58XH overhead that’ll have you muscling big fish from the deep with ease, to the long and lean ST962H that’ll have you launching big lures towards the horizon the Saltist rod series is designed for anglers who want to do it all, with a rod that has it all.

Grab your weapon because it’s time to hit the water.

ST66BJS– tailor made for small metal jigs and pirate jigs this is a rod that’s perfect for reef dwellers like snapper and small kingfish. Its soft light tip will work a jig effectively, while its powerful butt section will extract fish from structure effectively and effortlessly. A must-have light jigging combination when matched with a 4000 spin reel.

ST66BJB– the power and performance of the ST66BJB but in an overhead model, this is rod that it’s equally as dominating as a small jig workhorse. Suited to fishing 20-100 gram jigs and PE 1-2 line this rod has few peers when it comes to combining light jig performance with value and price.

ST64CJS– one of the great spin all-rounders of the range the ST64CJS is ideal for medium to heavy jigging, casting or even trolling. This model has a soft tip to work a lure easily and massive amounts of power in the butt for maximum lifting power.

ST64CJB– the overhead brother of the ST64CJS is hard to surpass when it comes to all-round overhead versatility and value. Best matched with a 30-35 size overhead reel, this is must-have rod in the range

ST60S– the standout heavy-duty jigging model in the range. Suited to jigs up to 300 grams on PE 6, this rod has a parabolic action for angler comfort with all the power located between the stripper guide and the reel seat for maximum power. Suited for 5000 – 6500 sized reels.

ST60B– the heavy-duty overhead rod of the series is suited to 30-50 sized reels and chasing XOS kingfish, Samson fish, amberjack and marlin. Its powerful design and parabolic design allows for maximum pressure to be transmitted to the fish, yet minimal pressure applied to the angler.

ST58H– proving that good thing definitely come in small packages, the ST58X is power and performance to impress. An outstanding overhead boat rod, this is a rod that punches well above its weight. Suited to 30-40 sized overhead reels.

ST58XH– the ST58X on steroids the ST 58XH is the boat rod to reach for when things get extra heavy. Suited to XOS kingfish, Samson fish, amberjack or marlin. Its powerful design and parabolic design allows for maximum pressure to be transmitted to the fish, not the angler. Suited to both jigging and trolling.

ST66H– the heavy boat rod to reach for when you need a bit more length. Suited for 10-15kg line this is rod that’s equally at home muscling rampaging kingfish from cover as it is ripping jigs down deep or taming tuna on a long run.

ST66XH– the extra heavy version of the ST66H is designed for those times when you need to bring out the big guns. Fast in taper and built for 15-24kg line nothing will get away once this rod comes out to play.

ST71M– this highly versatile model is perfect for a wide range of lure casting pursuits. Suited to throwing metals, sliders, poppers and soft plastics, tuna, albacore, snapper and other pelagics are all on the menu with this rod. Best matched to a 4000 – 4500 size reel.

ST71MH– for the times when the ST71M is not quite heavy enough this is the rod that will give you the grunt to dictate terms. Suited to throwing metals, sliders, poppers and soft plastics. Tuna, albacore, snapper and a host of other pelagics will be brought undone with the ST71MH. Suited to 4000 – 4500 size reel.

ST762H– the perfect light tackle long distance casting rod. Match with a 4000 – 4500 reel this model is ideal for casting metals, poppers, sliders and jerkbaits to surface feeing pelagics such as long tail tuna, Spaniards, albacore, etc. Suited to casting lures in the 40-120 grams weight range.

ST82XH– the long arm of the law, the ST82XH is the mega rod of the range and will fish up to PE 8 and throw monster sized poppers and sliders up to 300 grams. Best suited to 6500 – 7000 sized reels, this model has the ultimate power to muscle even the biggest fish from the deep.

ST962H– the ideal rock-spinning model, designed for spinning large lures or casting baits from the stones with a 6500 sized spinning reel. Its soft tip will allow you cast light baits long distances and the powerful butt section will help you land that fish of a lifetime from the rocks.

  • Carbon Fibre Composite blanks
  • Fuji’s Hardloy guides
  • Heavy duty Fuji reel seats
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips

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