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Features X Torque, Bias Wrap Construction, 3DX, Fuji Guides. For saltwater offshore lure casting

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Saltiga Dorado

For the past ten years the original Saltiga rods set a new industry standard as the strongest and lightest offshore rods available. After a decade these rods are envied by other manufacturers and are a true testament of how advanced the rod’s technology was, they remain unchanged, and technology hungry anglers still regard these as the best available that was until now with the introduction of the Saltiga Dorado and Casting rod series.

Designed for ultimate casting performance and lure control, this series employs Daiwa’s 3D carbon design and Bias Wrap Construction. This creates ultimate strength and power, minimizing weight to create an ultra slim blank diameter. This design prevents blank twisting, increases torque and minimize power loss, by combining all these designs Daiwa has created their greatest ever offshore casting rod.

Adding to the incredible blank design, these rods feature Fuji’s latest innovation Titanium Silicone carbide “K “ guides to eliminate line wrap, Daiwa customized Fuji reel seats that match the new reel design and ultra tough and light Air Foam grips.

The Saltiga Dorado rods are perfectly designed as the ultimate boat/game fishing casting rods, whether casting plastics for deepwater snapper to popper crunching Gt’s, there is a Saltiga rod to suit your requirements.

Meter- Over 83S-F – Long Casting Game

The long casting game model. This powerful casting model is designed for meter over fish or kingfish, tuna, albacore etc over the 10kg class. Ideal for casting small to medium sized lures like metals, stickbaits, sliders and long minnows that weight up to 70 grams and is perfectly matched with a Saltiga 4000 or 4500 sized reel.

Being a longer rod it is equally suited to casting from an open boat or from the shore, with a fast tip action, the rod under load bends in an even curve to apply maximum pressure to a fish throughout its length. This allows for light lines and fine gauge hooks to be used without the fear of breaking the line or straightening the hook.

Casting Bluebacker 77S-F – Casting Game Specialist

The casting rod for high speed gamefish. Designed specifically for casting midsized poppers, sliders, stickbaits etc, this is the ideal rod for medium to large sized pelagic gamefish. As a casting lure rod from a boat the CB77S-F is excellent for lure fishing for tuna to 50kg, kingfish, sailfish etc and is ideally matched with the Saltiga 4500 or 5000 sized reels.

The rod has a soft tip that creates an excellent action to sliders, stickbaits, minnows etc that will cause any gamefish to strike viciously. Once hooked the rod has a parabolic bend to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the blank making it easier on the angler but harder on a fish. Though the rod is extremely light in weight the super strong blank has thick walls in the lower section combined with Xtorque and Bias construction that provides unrivalled power versus the rods weight.

Power Rounder 73S-F – Power Topwater Specialist

The power topwater specialist rod. This powerful topwater model is designed for fish kingfish, tuna, albacore around the 15-20kg class. Ideal for casting small to medium sized stickbaits, sliders and poppers that weight up to 70 grams, this rod is perfectly matched with a Saltiga 4000 or 4500 sized reel.

The PR 73S-F has a very soft tip section allowing it to cast light weights far distances and a butt section with plenty of power to move fish quickly, while keeping the power closer to the angler for comfort. The soft tip section allows a topwater or slider up to 90 grams to be worked fluently with only the slightest twitches of the rod.

All Rounder 71S-F – All Round Specialist

The all rounder light tackle specialist. This lightweight spinning model is ideally suited to offshore casting game for small to medium sized gamefish like albacore, small tuna, mahi mahi etc but is equally at home casting lures for snapper, salmon, mulloway and tailor. Ideally suited for casting small minnow, topwaters, metal and plastics up to 45 grams.

The AR 71S-F has a very soft tip section that allows casting small lures easily and will impart a quick darting action to any lure with minimal effort from an angler. The high power mid and butt section enables lures to be cast far distances and has plenty of power to stop gamefish in their paths quickly.

Big Game 86S – The Heavy Duty Topwater Specialist.

This heavy duty popper rod is best suited to a 5000 – 6500 sized reel, with braid up to 80lb and is ideal for casting poppers and sliders at GT, Tuna, marlin etc. It has a softer tip to work a slider easily but low down power to put the hurt on any fish.


  • New concept Saltiga rod series
  • Daiwa designed Japanese super high quality carbon
  • Hi Torque by using X Torque and Bias Wrap Construction
  • Hi repulsion power by using 3D carbon design
  • Customized Saltiga 2010 carbon and Alloy customized reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tough and hard Airfoam grips
  • Custom designed alloy components
  • Fuji Titanium silicon carbide “K” guides
  • 85S does not feature K guides, Fuji MN guides are used

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