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Saltist Extreme

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Quick Overview

Features HVF, 3DX, X45, V-Joint, Glatech, Fuji Guides. For saltwater offshore casting, jigging, trolling, lure fishing


Saltist Extreme

Innovation combines with proven performance to deliver anglers one of the most featured packed and exciting offshore rod ranges, the new Saltist Extreme series.

Integrating many of Daiwa’s latest technologies, the Saltist Extreme series is designed to perform at the highest standard and built to withstand the rigors of the offshore angling world.

Striking in looks, and refined, yet robust in design and performance the Saltist Extreme range is true to its famous name delivering all the qualities that we’ve grown to love and expect from the Saltist insignia.

Replacing the popular Catalina and Saltiga Extreme ranges, Saltist Extreme takes the successes of its predecessors and combines it with the latest technologies and designs to deliver offshore anglers a series that is rich in quality and generous in performance.

The Saltist Extreme range includes models ranging from 5’6” power spin models, to lighter and longer spin sticks, and of course to the pint-sized 5’6” and 6’ overhead workhorses. With 11 models in the series and range of styles to choose from the Saltist Extreme series is the range that offers unrivalled offshore options, performance and value.

Drawing a Blank

A great rod series starts with great blank design and the Saltist Extreme series follows that trend to a T, and features many of Daiwa’s latest design and blank technologies to create a range that is equally refined, as it is rugged and robust.

HVF carbon is where it all begins, with Daiwa’s low resin, high strength, reduced weight, high density carbon creating a rod that is lightweight, yet powerful and capable of punching well above its weight.

X45 wrapping technology features with in the series and involves a 45-degree carbon weave within the blank wrapping process to eliminate blank twist and increase power. The elimination of twist improves rod sensitivity, increases strength and allows the blank to perform at its optimum capability.

3DX further enhances blank performance and involves a three-dimensional carbon weave at the lower section of the rod. By knitting densely packed carbon fibres in 3 directions to create a six wrap rectangular weave, the power is distributed evenly in all directions, allowing the blank to maintain its form when loaded.

This new support system allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the rod for more power and less angler fatigue. This leaves the upper section of the blank to absorb all the weight during a battle with a large fish rather than the angler.

Glatech construction features in many of the models in the range and incorporates uni-directional fiberglass sandwiched between 90 degree inner and outer layers graphite. The result is an incredibly resilient blank, with backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish. Power to control and the ability to lead, two must-have attributes in a quality offshore rod.

V Joint technology takes the performance and strength of Saltist two-piece rods to another level, with the Bias construction allowing the rod ferrule to flex with the rod to eliminate week spots, and ensure that multi-piece blanks match the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.

Advanced designs, latest technology and strength, and ruggedness to burn, Saltist Extreme blanks have it all, and are the foundation of one of the standout offshore rod series in the Daiwa range.

Take a Seat

Quality begets quality and the Saltist Extreme series screams quality when it comes to its class leading components.

Stylish gold accented custom allow reel seats deliver on the looks and function front, and provide the perfect combination of strength and style, with their vice-like grip creating an immovable fusion between rod and reel. While a locking ring on the reel seat anchors the two together eliminating any chance of reel movement or slippage.

Your Ultimate Guide

The trend for quality components continues with Fuji SIC SUS guides, with the Saltist Extreme series receiving the full performance enhancing Fuji treatment.

Featuring a silicon carbide insert and multi-foot ultra light frame, the SUS guides are specifically designed for offshore angling and provide the ultimate combination of strength, weightlessness, and sensitivity.

Classic in looks, the chrome finish provides an element of style, while their advanced design provides unyielding strength and unmatched performance.

Get a Grip

Comfort and control go hand in hand with ultra tough, EVA grips fitting seamlessly and comfortably in your hand allowing you to reap the full benefits and power of the blank.

Tapered in profile for ultimate comfort the understated black EVA grips combine stylishly with the black and gold colour scheme of the series to make it equally striking in looks as it in performance and value.

Pure class, and pure Daiwa perfection, the Saltist Extreme range is the offshore range of tomorrow, built for the angler of today.

The Line Up

SA EX 56S-5/6– the go-to heavy-duty jigging model. Able to fish jigs up to 350 grams on PE 6, this rod has a parabolic action for angler comfort with all the power located between the stripper guide and the reel seat for maximum power. Suited for 5000 – 6500 sized reels.

SA EX 56S-6/8– the ultimate workhorse jigging rod. A brute of a rod in action yet lightweight in the hand, this rod has power to burn in the lower section for fishing jigs up to 400 grams on PE 8. Suited to 6500 sized reels this is an essential deep water jigging rod, yet is equally suited to chasing marlin and large tuna.

SA EX 56B-6/8– the heavy-duty overhead rod of range is suited to 30-50 sized reels and is chasing XOS kingfish, Samson fish, amberjack or marlin. Its powerful design and parabolic design allows for maximum pressure to be transmitted to the fish, yet minimal pressure applied to the angler. A powerful rod to have at hand.

SA EX 60B-3/4– the lighter of the two overhead models in the range is suited to jigs up to 210grams and line up to PE 4. Light in hand get powerful in action this is rod that you can comfortable fish all day long, but it still has the backbone and power to muscle fish when needed.

SA EX 62S-2/3– the great all-rounder in the series, the 62S-2/3 is the perfect jigging rod for kingfish, Samson fish, amberjack or just about any reef dweller. Built to take a 4500 sized reel, this versatile rod is great for jigging, casting and trolling.

SA EX 60S-3/4– short in stature yet big in fight the 60S-3/4 is suited for jigging for kingfish, Samsonfish, and amberjack, and designed for weights up to 150grams and line up to PE 4. Suited to reels up 4500 size this is a rod that can dish out a lot of punishment and power for a small rod.

SA EX 64CJS-2/4– true to the reputation of previous CJ models this is a rod that every jigging angler has to have. This rod is your one stop rod for jigging, casting, soft plastics and trolling. Best paired with a 4000 – 4500 sized reel, this rod is ideal for jigs, pirates, plastics, sliders etc. Suited to weights up to 230 grams, and line up to PE 4.

SA EX 72S-2– this highly versatile model is perfect for a wide range of lure casting pursuits. Suited to throwing metals, sliders, poppers and soft plastics, tuna, albacore, snapper and other pelagics are all on the menu with this rod. Best matched to 4000 – 4500 size reels, and suited to PE2 and lures up to 120 grams.

SA EX 762S-2/4– the perfect light tackle long distance casting rod. Match with a 4000 – 4500 reel this model is ideal for casting metals, poppers, sliders and jerkbaits to surface feeing pelagics such as long tail tuna, Spaniards, albacore, etc. Suited to casting lures in the 20-90 grams weight range.

SA EX 79S-4/5– this multipurpose model is the ideal slider rod or medium sized popper rod. It has a softer tip action making it perfect for sliders, and is ideally matched with a 5000 sized reel. Able to launch a 30-120 gram lure a country mile this is rod to reach for when you want to take down rampaging tuna.

SA EX 82S-8/10– the long arm of the law, the 82S-8/10 is the mega rod of the range and will fish up to PE 10 and throw monster sized poppers and slider up to 300 grams. Best suited to 6500 – 7000 sized reels, this model has the ultimate power to muscle even the biggest GT or doggie from the depths.


  • HVF Carbon
  • 3DX blank technology
  • X45 black technology
  • Glatech blank construction
  • V-Joint
  • Fuji SIC SUS guides
  • Custom alloy reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tough EVA grips


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