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Saltist Demon Blood

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Features Bias Wrap Construction, Glatech, V-Joint, Fuji Guides. For saltwater offshore casting, jigging, trolling, lure fishing

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Saltist Demon Blood

Making a good thing better the new Saltist Demon Blood takes the pedigree and performance of its predecessor and updates it with a new look, cosmetics, components, carbon, and technologies to deliver anglers a series that is striking in looks and possessed in performance and value.

With a “more muscle and less fat” attitude at the core of its design Saltist Demon Blood combines the reputation of the famous Saltist name with contemporary styling, features and the latest design concepts to release from the crypt a heavy duty rod series that will make your blood boil and awaken the angling demon within.

Drawing a Blank

The Saltist Demon Blood’s possession begins with its advanced blank design. Integrating many of Daiwa’s latest and most performance-driven blank technologies including SSG carbon, Bias Wrap, Glatech, and V-Joint, Demon Blood has few peers when it comes to heavy-duty blank design and technology.

At the heart of the Demon Blood’s blank design is its ultra advanced range of carbon and composites, which are then combined with varying blank design and construction techniques to create specific blanks, for specific actions and specific applications. The outcome is a blank range that is the best the business, and without compromise.

Bias Wrap construction features heavily within the series and involves a cross directional wrapping method in blank construction to eliminate blank twist and distortion to increases rod strength, function, and sensitivity.

The 72MH, 762XH, 82XH and 962H rods feature Bias Wrap in their blank design and draw full benefit from the innovative technology to create a collection of rods that have a fine diameter blank, resist twisting, possess outstanding casting capabilities, and unprecedented hook setting power. As a popper, stickbait and jerkbaiting rod few rods come close to these four demonic power rods.

Bias Wrap also features in the overhead models and combines with SSG carbon to create a quiver of models that have an ultra slim profile, yet are incredibly powerful and unrelenting when it comes to strength and pulling power, making them perfect for fast jigging techniques.

Glatech construction features in the 64CJ, 56-6/8B, 56-3/5 and 56-6/8 jig rods and involves uni-directional fiberglass sandwiched between 90 degree inner and outer layers graphite. Blended with SSG carbon the result is an incredibly resilient blank, with backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish.

V-Joint technology takes the performance and strength of Demon Blood’s multi-piece rods to another level, with the Bias Wrap construction within the joint allowing the rod ferrule to flex with the rod to eliminate week spots, and ensure that multi-piece blanks match the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.

Guide Me

Demon Blood delivers the full Fuji experience, with the range featuring the innovative designed and performance driven SiC K guides.

Providing the ultimate tangle free line experience the Fuji K Concept system features a specifically designed, highly polished frame that eliminates line wrap, particularly with braided and PE lines, while its silicone carbon SiC insert is incredibly light, hard, smooth, low in friction, conductive of heat, and features a pronounced forward tilt position in the guide frame to further minimize line tangle issues.

The Fuji K guides combines with a M style tip to allow flawless trouble free casting, while their weightless design allows the crispness, responsiveness, power and performance of the blank to be fully realised.The Demon Blood’s heavy-duty Fuji reel seats provide a rock solid connection between rod and reel, while their ergonomic design ensures supreme comfort for long days on the water, while a locking ring on the reel seat gives piece of mind and security in the heat of battle. Fuji graphite gimbals feature on selected models and provide superior comfort and blank power application under load.

Comfort and control go hand in hand with full length ultra tough, EVA grips fitting seamlessly and comfortably in your hand and blending seamlessly with the Demon Blood’s reel seats to allow you to take complete control of the rod and reel and reap the full benefits and power of the blank.

The travelling angler is well catered for in the Demon Blood range with the three piece models in the range, the DB 603-5/6, DB 763MHFS, and DB 803XXH, packed in a heavy-duty travel tube for ultimate angler mobility and protection.The three piece models are ideal for the angler on the go, with the jig, sports spinning and a popper rod, making sure your covered for all exotic travelling fishing pursuits.

The Demons Within

Awaken the demon within, with the new Saltist Demon Blood series.

DB 56-6/8B– the medium/heavy overhead jigging rod of the range features Glatech constructed for outstanding pulling power and strength and is suited to chasing XOS kingfish, Samson fish, amberjack or marlin. Its powerful design and regular taper allows for maximum pressure to be transmitted to the fish, yet minimal pressure applied to the angler.

DB 60-2/3– the lightest of the overhead jigging models is suited to PE 2/3 line and casting weights from 90-180grams. The perfect jigging rod for small kings and reef dwellers its makes an outstandingly balanced outfit when matched to a Ryoga Bay Jigging or Saltiga 30.

DB 60-3/4– the great all-rounder in the overhead jigging line-up is fast in taper and suited for jigs up to 240 grams and PE 3/4 line. Loaded with muscle to tame kingfish, Samsonfish, and amberjack, this is a rod that can dish out a lot of punishment and power for a mid weight rod.

DB 60-4/5– light in hand yet powerful in action this is a rod that you can comfortably fish all day long, but has a tonne of backbone and power to muscle fish when needed. Heavy in action and with a fast taper this is rod that’s made for PE 4/5 line and jigs from 210-330grams in weight.

DB 60-5/6– the go-to heavy-duty jigging model. Able to fish jigs up to 400 grams on PE 6, this rod has a parabolic action for angler comfort with all the power located between the stripper guide and the reel seat for maximum power.

DB 56-3/5– the lightest of the jig spin rods in the range is suited to jigs up to 180grams and line up to PE 5. Featuring SSG carbon and Glatech technology this is rod that’s ultra tough and loads through the entire blank for maximum power and torque.

DB 56-6/8– the ultimate workhorse spin jigging rod. A brute of a rod in action yet lightweight in the hand, this rod has power to burn in the lower section for fishing jigs up to 250 grams on PE 8. Suited to 6500 sized reels.

DB 64CJ– true to the reputation of CJ models this is a rod that every jigging angler has to have. This rod is your one stop shop for jigging, casting, soft plastics and trolling. Best paired with a 4000 – 4500 sized reel, this rod is ideal for jigs, pirates, plastics, sliders etc. Suited to weights up to 120 grams, and line up to PE 4.

DB 72MH– the all-round long spin rod of the range has plenty of grunt to dictate terms when throwing metals, sliders, poppers and soft plastics. Tuna, albacore, snapper and a host of other pelagics will be brought undone with the DB 72MH. Suited to 4000 – 4500 size reel.

DB 762X– heavy in power and purpose, but light in the hand, the DB 762X is suited to PE 5/6 line and lure weights up to 230grams. Featuring Bias Wrap construction this a rod that’s ultra strong, fine in diameter, and with outstanding hook setting power. A perfect rod for throwing big poppers and sliders for lure munching pelagics.

DB 82XH– the long and extra heavy demon of the series, the DB 82XH is the mega rod of the range and will handle line up to PE 8 line, and throw monster sized poppers and sliders up to 300 grams. Best suited to 6500 – 7000 sized reels, this is the demon in the range that will rain terror on the big fish of the deep.

DB 962H– the ideal rock-spinning model, designed for spinning large lures or casting baits from the stones with a 6500 sized spinning reel. Its soft tip will allow you cast light baits long distances and the powerful butt section will help you land that fish of a lifetime from the rocks.

DB 603-5/6– the jigging power and performance to take control, but with the portability and flexibility of being a multi-piece rod this is the jigging spin reel that every travelling angler needs to have packed and ready to. Able to fish jigs up to 250 grams on PE 6, and suited for 5000 – 6500 sized reels.

DB 763MHFS– the sports spinner of the 3-piece models is tailor made for throwing metals, sliders, poppers and soft plastics for tuna, albacore, snapper and a host of pelagic species. Designed for PE 2/3 line and lures in the 30-90 gram weight range, if you’re in hunt for the ultimate travel spin rod look no further than the DB 763MHFS. Suited to 4000 – 4500 size reel.

DB 803XXH– the long, lean and completely mean, there’s no demon larger and more powerful that the DB 803XXH. The mega demon of the range will handle up to PE 6 line and throwing monster sized poppers and slider up to 280 grams. Best suited to 6500 – 7000 sized reels.


  • Bias Wrap construction blanks
  • Glatech Construction on select models
  • V- Joint on 2 and 3 pce models
  • Fuji’s premium Sic K guides
  • Heavy duty Fuji reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tuff EVA grips
  • Hard travel cases for three piece models

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      DB 56-6/8B




                   Medium Heavy



     PE 6-8




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