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Exceler 100HA

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Magforce, Swept Handle, UTD, Infinite Anti Reverse

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Exceler 100H

Exceler by name, exceling by nature, performance meets strength in the feature packed Daiwa Exceler.

Hard as nails and designed for the rigors of low stretch braided lines and bare knuckle fishing dust ups, this baitcaster battleship is hard to surpass when it comes to a take no prisoners reel for barramundi, or a workhorse reel for muscling Murray Cod. Exceler is built to last and built to perform.

Getting Framed

Corrosion free and unfaltering in strength the aluminum frame and side plates provide a rock solid foundation on which this classic baitcaster it built. Low profile in design and with an open access frame the Exceler is easy to control and a pressure to hold.

Housed within the corrosion free bulletproof frame are Daiwa’s famous super tough gears. Rugged, robust and unwavering in strength they have the Exceler geared to perfection for ultimate on water performance and longevity.

Built to Perform

Casting performance is in your hands with Magforce magnetic cast control system delivering unrivalled casting control, distance, and efficiency. Featuring Daiwa’s legendary combination of modern magnetic and centrifugal braking for unmatched casting performance Magforce makes the Exceler a dream to cast and a pleasure to own.

Infinite Anti-Reverse delivers a level of cranking control and precision that’s generally associated with more expensive reels, and works flawlessly to eliminate handle back play for increased reel sensitivity, and to ensure maximum line control and hook setting power.

Daiwa’s Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) gives you the power to control, with 5kg of drag allowing you to dictate terms and rein in any fish that gets in your way. Smooth on start up and stopping power to burn the Exceler will give you both the finesse and grunt you need to control the fight.

Performance Parts

A quality drag calls for quality line and Exceler’s machined aluminium spool gives you the room (6.3kg/110metres) to spool up with plenty of your favourite line. Delivering outstanding casting and cranking balance and performance, Exceler is born to perform and built to endure, anywhere, any time.

A Swept Handle enhances reel balance and performance by bringing the balance point of the reel closer to the centre axis of the reel for maximum cranking power and feel, while oversized I-shaped handle knobs are as sticky as they come for optimum comfort, control and cranking power.

Reel performance and refinement is further enhanced with six stainless steel ball bearings delivering unrivalled corrosion resistance and protection, making the Exceler one of the most rugged yet advanced baitcasters in its price range.

A blend of beauty and brawn, Exceler is the baitcaster reel for those looking for outstanding performance at an outstanding price. Quality meets modesty, the new Daiwa Exceler.


  • Open access low profile frame
  • Magforce magnetic cast control
  • Infinite anti reverse
  • UTD – Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Swept handle

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Gear Ratio

#Ball Bearings

Wt. (g)

Drag Pressure (kg)

Spool Capacity

        EX 100H

           6.3 (65cm)



                         5 kg

                                 6.3kg/110m, 7.2kg/90m




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