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Daiwa Gekkabijin

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Magseal, Magseal Line Roller, Zaion, Air Rotor, Digigear

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Daiwa’s Gekkabijin series is revitalised with this latest iteration of one its popular reels. With a genuine finesse pedigree at its core and a new sleek and stylish design, the new Gekkabijin 2004 features Magseal, a Magseal line roller, Zaion and Air Rotor to tick all of the boxes for even the fussiest of finesse anglers.


Introducing a raft of new innovations the Gekkabijin 2004 is packed to the hilt with a combination of Magseal, Air Rotor and Zaion, along with the features you’ve come to expect such as ABS, Digigear II and Airbail.

The Air Rotor is made of “Zaion”, a high-density carbon resin composed of carbon resin and long carbon fibres. This high-density material is light, strong and resists corrosion, and is more balanced and sensitive than any rotor system that’s come before.

The Air Rotor’s arch form disperses pressure to the entire lower section of the rotor, dramatically decreasing stress and flexing. The hollowed out rotor system has a lighter construction with more surface area, resulting in increased strength and greater transmission of vibration.  With a decrease in weight the balance has been fine-tuned and with a lower centre of gravity and precise centre of axis the rotor spins with perfect balance.  Combined with the all-new Zaion Reel handle, this all-new finesse reel is extremely sensitive and has “technology to feel”.



The shallow ABS spool on the Gekkabijin 2004 assists with trouble free line management. The reverse taper of the spool enables greater line control and increased casting distance while minimising unwanted line loops and tangles, while the large spool diameter reduces line memory coil and allows line to flow freely in large coils with less casting friction.  The end result is a reel that casts easily to achieve maximum casting distance with optimum line management performance and superior sensitivity – 3 critical criteria for a genuine finesse reel.

Twist Buster and Air Bail also work seamlessly together to manage and feed line unencumbered and untangled onto the spool, resulting in increased line pick-up and maximum casting distance.



Observing existing precedents of introducing high-end technology into the entire Daiwa reel range, the all-new Gekkabijin 2004 features the very same Magseal rotor and anti reverse system originally introduced to the 2010 Certate with the added benefit of a Magsealed Line Roller.

By using Daiwa’s revolutionary magnetic oil in conjunction with magnets, the oil attaches itself to the metal surfaces to serve the dual purpose as a lubrication system and a barrier seal to prevent dust and water ingress into the reel.

A critical feature of any finesse reel that is being used with ultralight lines is a super light drag that can deliver even smooth pressure to minimize line breakages. The UTD (Ultimate Tournament Drag) system of this reel maintains smooth consistency through long runs without excess heat build-up. And because there’s little change in the diameter of the spooled line as it feeds out, by virtue of the shallow ABS Spool, the drag stays more consistent.



With ultra smooth, a finesse application in mind, the Gekkabijin 2004 adopts Daiwa’s Digigear system, ensuring perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance with unrivalled strength and corrosion resistance.

Graced with a stylish design and with technological innovations bursting at the seams, the new Gekkabijin 2004 delivers a highly sensitive, high performance spin reel designed specifically for the finesse angler.


  • Real Four
  • Zaion
  • Digigear II
  • Mag Seal
  • Magseal Line Roller
  • Engine plate
  • Air Rotor
  • ABS II
  • Twistbuster II
  • Airbail
  • UTD
  • Real Stopper
  • Infinite Anti Reverse

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