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Accudepth ADICV 15

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Quick Overview

Waterproof display, Lithium Battery, low profile, UTD, accurate depth control when trolling

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Powerful and loaded with technology and design features, Daiwa’s newest ultra compact ICV line counter reel offers line control precision like few others.

Designed for accurate trolling, downrigging and light jigging applications for species such as bass, golden perch, trout and other salmonoids, the Accudepth ICV15 delivers ultimate line control for the angler who likes to control everything on the water.

Power to Perform

A digital readout line counter keeps the angler up to date, with the digital display providing pint point detail (measured in feet) on how much line has been released from the reel, allowing you to know with precise detail where your lure or bait is in the water column.

Featuring a compact low profile design that incorporates the counter and readout right above the spool, Accudepth removes the guess work and allows the angler to accurately target suspended fish or fish holding structure with exacting precision.

A long-life Lithium cell battery powers the waterproof compact digital line counter that under normal fishing conditions will last between 3-5 years, giving you plenty of days on the water and plenty of days of fish filled action.

Programmed for Success

The powers of the Accudepth aren’t just restricted to data on how much line has been released from the reel, and when programmed with the correct line specifications (manual included with the reel) will provide multiple read out options including a timer (begins when 23 feet of line are out and counts in minutes for up to ten minutes) and alarm.

Both features are tailor made for maximizing bait fishing and trolling success and enable efficient and effective time management on the water.

Grand Designs

Like all Daiwa baitcaster reels the Accudepth ICV features many of Daiwa’s unique designs. Three ball bearings and one roller bearing deliver smooth operation and increased reel efficiency, while Daiwa’s famous Swept Handle design improves reel balance for optimum cranking power and performance.


A simple, one-handed clutch system allows for user-friendly operation, making the Accudepth equally as functional as it is design and technology driven.

Daiwa’s game changing Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) delivers unrivalled drag performance, with UTD’s resistance-free drag start-up, and smooth, even, drag performance combining to make the Accudepth a standout when it comes to taming hard pulling fish.

Infinite Anti-Reverse enhances the reel’s power and performance, eliminating handle backplay and movement for optimum cranking and hook setting power and performance.

An anodized machined aluminium provides ample light line capacity (10lb/130 metres) and is perfect for a wide variety of trolling and light jigging applications where knowing exactly how much line is out is vital for keeping you in the strike zone and catching fish.

A 6.3:1 (71cm) gear ratio, left and right handle models, and an imposing 280gram body weight combine with Accudepth ICV’s long list of features to deliver anglers one of the most impressive and feature packed line counter reels of all time.

Compact, advanced and design drive, the all-new, low profile Accudepth ICV.


  • Waterproof IC Digital Display
  • Lithium Battery
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
  • Anodized Machined Cut Spool
  • One-Hand Clutch Operation
  • Daiwa’s Swept Handle
  • Low Profile Design
  • 3 ball bearings + roller bearing

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Gear Ratio

#Ball Bearings

Wt. (g)

Drag Pressure (kg)

Spool Capacity

   ICV 15

      6.3 (71cm)




                                     3.6kg/160m, 4.5kg/135m


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